For parents: The past several decades has seen a dramatic rise in adolescent depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Research shows that overuse of social media contributes to depression and anxiety in young people, and that there are far more negative sites for youth than positive ones. This site is intended to be a safe portal for children, adolescent and teens to connect with their peers, express their frustrations, solicit peer advice and receive group support in a positive, non-judgmental, uplifting atmosphere. The purpose of this site is to help young people learn to enhance their feelings of well-being, contentment and happiness and to reduce the intensity of their negative emotions, such as anger, sadness and worry. To accomplish this purpose, this site contains blogs, contests, and chatroom discussions which focus on effective processing of negative emotions, problem solving and optimism, in hope to assist its users to flourish, rather than languish. However, if your child is depressed or anxious, this site will not provide him or her with sufficient help – and we strongly urge you to seek professional assistance for you child. If you have any reason to suspect that your child or teen may be suicidal or homicidal, please call 911 or take him or her to the nearest emergency room. If you feel that your child or teen may need or benefit from psychological help you can find a licensed therapist through these sites:
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The founders of this site are mental health professionals and their children, Positive Peers, have superficial knowledge of Positive Psychology on which the ideology of this site is based. Although Positive Peers are familiar with basic psychological principles, they are NOT licensed mental health professionals and are not capable of diagnosing or treating mental health conditions. Their communications may contain errors and is not intended to be relied upon by the public.
To learn more about Positive Psychology on which principles this site is based, follow these links:

We hope that you will become involved in applying the principles of positive psychology in your life to assist your children to flourish and that your child or teen will find our site to be a safe and supportive haven. Please report any misuse of this site, whether its intentional or not, or any broken links or other problems, by emailing us.

For kids and teens: Glad you stopped by! We hope you will visit us often – whether you are having a bad day and want to share your frustrations with us, or a great day and want to share your joy, or just an average day and want to share some of your thoughts. It is our hope that you will enjoy connecting with us and be inspired by some of our positivity challenges and contests.

Meet the founders of this site – in the About Us section of this website – they are working hard to make this a place you want to visit again and again. In most ways they are ordinary kids like you from middle class homes (in New Jersey) who struggle with many of the same issues, problems and emotions. They are lucky to have parents who are therapists who can help them navigate the challenges of growing up. They are also fortunate to have known each other since infancy and to have been able to support each other through difficult times. What unites them is their drive to help other adolescents and teens who are struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, substance abuse, and/or just everyday life problems/issues and have nobody to turn to or feel too ashamed to seek help.