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Why is it a positivity blog? Not because our lives are always rosy and all positive – we have our share of downers and disappointments, just like everyone else. Humans have a negativity bias – we tend to focus more on the negative and remember it more than positive memories! In order to overcome that mental bias we have to make a conscious daily effort to recall and stress the positive in our lives. Because our goal is to cheer you up, not to get you down with our whining or complaining, we will try to limit sharing our problems and frustrations with you (but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with them!). Instead, we will try to describe uplifting, heart-warming, awe inspiring or adversity overcoming experiences as well as challenge you with our positive tasks. Visit our blog on a weekly basis to read about our experiences, accept our challenges, or challenge us to overcome an obstacle or try out a new experience and see if one of our peers would be willing to do it and write about it.

November 13th was international kindness day so it’s only fitting for us to start our first blog with the discussion of kindness. Do you know that an act of kindness is the best and quickest way to feeling better about yourself? There is even the word for it, it’s called “helper’s high”- the natural high you feel when you help someone. That’s why when you are helping others you’re always helping yourself too! There was a recent study in which students were given a couple hundred dollars and told to spend it in a day. The first group was told to spend it on themselves, the second group was told to spend it on others. Those who spend their money on others experienced a much bigger boost in feelings of happiness and satisfaction, then those who spend it on themselves! Doing kind acts is probably the best way to cheer yourself up. Test it out for yourself by taking our Kindness Contest in our Contest Section.

To inspire you to take our challenge, Candice even wrote you an inspirational song! Click here to listen and download it:


Author: Madelaine Dick
Category: Uncategorized
Date: January 15, 2015