I am in my late tweens –but feel like I am going on my twenties! I have always been told I act very mature for my age. My friends describe me as determined, dedicated and driven. This site is my brainchild. One day when my mom was describing the group therapy that she did with her teenage patients I told her that I wish I could help them somehow. Together we decided that by creating this site and enlisting my friends we could help many kids and teens who have no way of getting therapy and who feel sad, anxious and alone, or get bullied and have no one to tell, or turn to drugs and alcohol to escape pain. So that’s how this site came about – with help of my little sister Marjana and my close friends Maya, Candice and her brothers Alex and Zach, who enthusiastically joined our Positivity Team. As a Positive Peer, I enjoy being involved in my community by helping out at charity endeavors and speaking to young people at library talks and other events. I also participate in positive pageants which gives me ability to serve as a role model to girls who strive for excellence.

Currently I am proud to represent Royal International Miss (RIM) pageant system as their 2015 Miss New Jersey Pre-teen. If you live in New Jersey you can check out my Instagram for a list of my appearances.


I will be competing in the RIM Nationals in July, so wish me lots of luck! I will be posting lots of RIM photos with my friends on my Instagram page.

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At the Memorial Day Parade in Wayne and Pompton Lakes, NJ.

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At the Hunger Games Exhibition VIP reception at the Discovery Times Square, NYC.


My sister and I love that movie because sisters Katniss and Primrose remind us of our relationship and because they are courageous to stand up against oppression and to risk their own lives to improve the lives of others.

Me with my role model, Cara McCollum, Miss New Jersey America 2013, who is currently attending Princeton University – where I dream of studying meteorology and broadcast journalism one day to become a famous and fearless severe weather reporter

Silvana W6

Here are some interesting facts about me:
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– I challenge myself to maintain an A+ average while still finding time for sports and friends
– I have been modeling since the age of 4, although at the present time I am not getting many jobs due to my annoying braces.
– I have also been competing in pageants for the past 4 years which is not always easy for me as I have to overcome my nervousness every time I step on the stage, and also because I have trouble walking in high heels due to my flat feet. I particularly enjoy interview based pageants because they focus on personality and contribution to the community, not looks. Last year I represented the National American Miss Pageant System as their 2015 Cover Girl.

– I come from a multi cultural home – my Mom was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and my Dad in Barcelona, Spain. My Mom was the first exchange student from the USSR to be allowed to study in the USA when she was only 16 years old. I speak some Russian and Spanish.
– My maternal greatgrandmother had 11 children, 6 of whom died, and she barely survived Nazi occupation. She lived to be 97. My paternal greatgrandmother survived the Spanish Civil War and she also lived to be 97. My maternal grandma showed me the house she grew up in and it had no running water – it had to be brought in a bucket from a well, and there was no indoor plumbing – imagine having to go to the bathroom outdoors in a freezing Ukrainian winter!
– I have a sister who is 4 years younger and a baby brother, who is 11 years younger. They are very different from me and sometimes they annoy me although I do love them very much.
– I have been playing tennis since I was 8 years old and I hope to play it in college. It doesn’t come naturally to me because I have flat feet and have to wear orthontics.

Silvana W4
– I enjoy dance of all types, particularly hip hop and I play the flute and love to sing in the shower!

– I dream of going to Princeton University on an academic and/or athletic scholarship. I fell in love with the Princeton campus when my mom took me there to see the Albert Einstein Museum. That’s why I am studying for my SATs daily and try to excel at school although sometimes it is dreadfully boring and I would rather be playing on my phone
– My maternal aunt is an accomplished archeologist as well as a popular bellydancer. When she came to the US twenty years ago she did not speak a word of English. Then one day she saw “The Tomb Raider” movie and told everyone she was going to become an archeologist. Nobody believed her at first but she proved everybody wrong by enrolling into a doctorate program in archeology and going on tough digs all over Mexico.
– I enjoy traveling with my family and have been to Paris, London, Barcelona, Toronto, Vancouver, Alaska and Hawaii, as well as all over the US. My parents are very spontaneous and sometimes we all just pack a quick suitcase, get in the car and start driving somewhere.
– One of my dreams is to attend Carnevale di Venezia where renowned book illustrator JonPaul placed me in this painting:

– I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up and would love to be a severe weather reporter and get into the middle of tornadoes and hurricanes!
– I am a risk taker and I absolutely love roller-coasters and would love to go hand gliding and jump out of the parachute one day. Because I am so tall I was able to get on the craziest coasters at a very young age. As a result I have almost no fear of heights.
– When I am upset or have a headache I ask my Dad for a head massage, he gives the best massages ever
– My Mom and I love to read books together, particularly the ones on which movies are based. We read The Hunger Games trilogy and The Divergent Trilogy, as well as The Fault in Our Stars and then compared them with the movies.
– My parents fight sometimes even though they are both therapists and teach couples how to get along. It drives me crazy! But it also makes me realize that we are all just human and cannot be perfect all the time
– I have no interest in trying alcohol or drugs…ever! Coca-Cola is my only indulgence!



– Like many of you I am sometimes prone to depression and sadness. I was 7 years old when I first became depressed after my best friend let me down and had a sleepover with another girl. I started to complain to my parents that I had a constant thought that “life is no fun” and my Mom gave me cough syrup but told me it was an anti-depressant. It worked! Later she told me it’s called “The Placebo Effect”: believing that something is effective can make it so! What also helped is discovering things I am passionate about like tennis and dance and my favorite books like Harry Potter. But the most important help came from developing a support group of positive friends.
– I hope this site will become part of your positive support group to cheer you up when you are feeling down. We rise by helping others!


Silvana runs our Essay/Motto contest. Here are some of our favorite slogans submitted by you so far:
“When you feel down, seek hugs, not drugs”,
“Drink Coke, don’t do coke”,
“I would rather be stoned to death than get stoned on pot and meth”.