CandiceCandice is in her mid-teens and runs our music and poetry section and contests. Watch for contest details and send us your song, melody or poem for fun and prizes!

About Candice:

I would describe myself as entrepreneurial, entertaining, and enthusiastic. I have been playing and writing music as far back as I can remember. My 1st album of original songs was released before I was 13-years-old. The album is called “Believe in Yourself” by Candice Lee and can be found on iTunes:, or Amazon, etc. Most of my songs resonate with positivity and deal with everyday issues of teenagers. I use my musical creations to help cope with some of the challenges of being a teenager in today’s world.Candice1

Other musical facts about Candice:

-I have 2 music videos on YouTube. You can find them on my music website at


Believe in Yourself:
White or Black:

-I enjoy posting a short music clip every Monday evening on my Instagram/Twitter/Vine: @candiceleemusic. Please follow me!Candice2
-I play lead guitar and vocals in my family band, Candi Land. We play at various restaurants and venues.
-I give guitar lessons and have student recitals once a year.
-I play 7 instruments (classical and electric guitar, harp, ukulele, piano, flute, bass,violin) and also study voice. My main instruments are guitar, voice, and harp.
-I enjoy singing in my high school choir groups and playing in our jazz band and string ensemble.
-I won the Music Student of the Month for the Mayo Performing Arts Center and won Most Outstanding in Instrumental Music for my middle school.
-I have participated in multiple musical productions either as a participant or playing in the pit orchestra/band.
-Although I have many fans who enjoy my music, there may be some negative people who enjoy being nasty. Some people who don’t like my music have decided to post unpleasant comments. I have to constantly remind myself that everyone is entitled to their opinions. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, as it helps me improve.

Other facts about Candice:

Candice3-I love to raise and donate money for different causes. Before becoming a teenager I raised $1000. ($2 at a time) and donated it to FARE to support further research in the area of food allergies.
-My mom has taught me the pleasure you can get from giving. She has enjoyed giving gifts every year on her birthday since she was a teenager. That is how she ensures that she always has a wonderful birthday. She picks random and unsuspecting people in her life and sends them a surprise on her birthday.
-My maternal grandmother gradually became deaf beginning in her 50’s. She has become an advocate for hearing impaired people and helped bring the captioned telephone into our state. This can be a devastating disability, but she has taught me a lot about coping with hardships and making the most of what you do have. I made my national television debut on The Profile Series with Lou Gosset Jr. helping my grandmother inform people with difficulty hearing about the benefits of using the Captel telephone.

-This summer I ran a small camp for young kids. I really enjoyed it and am planning on expanding it next summer.

-I had to have 2 difficult surgeries on my achilles tendon and calf. Both kept me out of school for over a week and initially left me unable to walk. It was very scary since there was a possibility that it could have been cancerous, but thankfully it was not. I am very grateful to the physical therapists that helped me get back on my feet. Although my leg still bothers me sometimes I am able to walk, run, jump and do gymnastics.

-We have a dog named Snoopy. She is a very smart and amazing dog. Lots of times when I am in a bad mood she helps to make me feel better! I love snuggling with her. She even loves music like me. When certain instruments are played she will come running and sit down and sing along.

-My grandfather has prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Every day is a struggle for him yet he continues to try to enjoy life as much as possible in whatever way he can.

-My mom is a psychologist and works with children/adolescents/adults with anxiety and depression as well as other psychological issues.

-I earned a 4.0 average my freshmen year of high school.

-High school can be tough. I am constantly learning how to navigate through difficult and challenging situations.

-I am not a natural born optimist and sometimes I can take life too seriously. It takes lots of work and I am constantly working on building my happiness. I recently heard a saying that I liked:
It doesn’t matter if your cup is half empty or half full. All that matters is that you are the one who is pouring the water. (By Mark Cuban)

I think that makes sense because life throws different things at you that you might not have control over, but regardless YOU have to be the one working on your life and putting good stuff in!


Here is a song that I wrote about kindness for this website. It is called “Little Did You Know”:

Here’s a Haiku poem about friendship we liked:

Like an egg in a carton
I fall but do not crack
Cushioned by your strength

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